Embossing Punch Die Engraving

Medal Engraving Manufacturers in Chennai


Embossing Punch Die Engraving Manufacturers in Chennai Our custom steel embossing and coining dies are most often used in the sheet metal industry. These male and female dies produce permanent and legible raised letters, including trademarks, code symbols, ornamental patterns, or virtually any specific design, on various gauges of sheet metals.

Some of our customers have replaced cast aluminum and injected molded zinc nameplates with our embossed nameplates because of reduced cost and ease of application. Our metal or plastic nameplates can be laminated with up to 1/8″ foam adhesive over the entire back for application to textured surfaces or surfaces such as tread plate without the use of screws or rivets. Embossing is a process where a die is pressed into the back of a nameplate to raise the letters or other design elements to add depth, class and eloquence to an otherwise ordinary design.